Company Formation and Statutory Work

There may be several reasons so as to why businesses wish to incorporate and trade under the limited company umbrella.

When you set out to convert an existing business into a limited company, the company formation is merely the first step. You must register it with HMRC for the sake of business taxes such as VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax, etc.

As a leading accounting company in Monmouth, Wales, we take every matter into consideration to help you with company formation, even matters that your average company formation agency will not bother looking at.

At ph&co, we have the expertise and track record to help you incorporate your firm with Companies House. We’ll also assist you in complying with all statutory obligations that must be complied with as a limited company.

We acknowledge the fact that most individuals planning on incorporating a company are not fully aware of the plethora of options that are at their disposal and find the process daunting.

Not to worry, however, as we can help you with everything from choosing an available company name to advice on shareholding, initial capital share, and different share types which are to be set up appropriately, so that they match your unique business circumstances and ensure maximum tax efficiency.