Does the thought of filling in tax returns yourself fill you with dread? Well, you’re not alone as many people find it cumbersome to do it on their own and actually end up getting fined for not filing tax returns properly to HMRC.

Through our self-assessment service, your tax returns can be completed in an efficient and timely manner, while also ensuring that only the correct amount of tax due is paid.

If you a self-employed individual, you must inform HMRC about your yearly earnings in order to pay the correct tax amount.

Choosing to hire an accounting firm to complete your self-assessment tax return has many benefits including:

- Avoiding the burden of extra paperwork

- Ensuring that all deductions and tax allowances are claimed

- Having specialist tax knowhow to help minimise or, in some cases, even fully mitigate tax liability at present or in future

We’ll run you through our self assessment checklist to collect and collate every piece of information required to complete your tax return. And, in case you ever have to deal with an HMRC tax enquiry, our accountants are always on hand to extend the necessary advice and support.