Tax planning and Preparation

Businesses are subject to many taxes including Capital Gain, Stamp Duty, National Insurance, Corporation and Income, just to name a few.

Taxation planning and preparation with ph&co can greatly reduce or even eliminate the effects of such taxes, whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of a business.

When it comes to tax, our tax preparation accountants understand and acknowledge the important of looking at all implications of such taxes on your individual circumstances and not just any given tax that you may need to have reviewed.

We do a lot more than just calculate the due taxation and how much you have to pay – we inform and arm you with the knowledge so that you can plan your business objectives in a way to gain the most benefit through taxation reliefs. We will discuss in depth so as to what implications your business decisions will have on these taxes.

We understand that tax can be a complex issue and that all individuals as well as businesses share a common goal: not paying more tax than required.

So whether you need help with estate planning and personal tax planning or VAT preparation and self assessment tax return, we offer highly tailored advice to manage your tax affairs in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.