Our accounting services in Monmouth cater to client needs in multiple sectors – we provide specialized advice and services in the following areas:

Farmers Accounting

Farmers face unique day to day challenges when it comes to not just increasing profits but also retaining value for generations to come. For farmers, new ventures mean new tax considerations and tax planning criteria.

We have worked with many farmers to date, helping them explore new investment opportunities and ensuring maximum tax efficiency as they expanded their business.

Contractors - IT and Other Management

Are you currently planning to set up a business and become a contractor in the IT or Management sector? We’ve come across many individuals who are all too eager to jump on the contractor bandwagon but not fully aware of the financial rules and regulations that surround it.

Our specialist accounting expertise and experience caters well to contractors, managers, freelancers and consultants. We’ll provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will help you maximise income while liaising with HMRC and the VAT office so that you don’t have to deal with any unexpected surprises.

Care Homes

Care home owners often have to deal with many woes related to ever changing and evolving legislation, while looking after training and staffing needs. However, recent changes mean that they can now gain benefits from investment and tax.

Our specialist accounting staff provides care home owners with advice on how they can cut down tax liabilities while maximising profitability. They will work with you to gain a keen understanding of your business objectives and help with anything from managing accounts and payroll to dissolving issues around funding, expansions and business structure.

Holiday Accommodation, Bed and breakfast, Hotels, etc

If you’re a hotel or bed and breakfast owner looking for bespoke tax compliance and accountancy services, we can offer you a tailored service at each stage of the business cycle.

Our expert accountants have worked with hospitality clients across the entire nation, helping them maximise business profitability and stay on top of all tax, accounting and bookkeeping matters.


The UK retail sector is one of the most competitive sectors in the business market today. It continues to become more complex given that online trading has experienced sustained growth, not to mention increased global competition.

Our specialist accountants have worked with multiple retail businesses, providing a complete suite of cost-effective accountancy solutions. We serve retail businesses of all scales, helping them deal with local and overseas taxation, VAT schemes, statutory account preparation, financial statements and much more.


If you’re in the licensed trade sector and need the services of an experienced pub accountant, look no further. We can help you reach your dream of running a licensed trade establishment successfully.

As licensed trade specialist accountants, we fully understand how competitive the pub industry is in the UK. However, our accounting team is armed with the knowhow and industry expertise to help you gain a competitive advantage. They will work with you to provide bespoke accounting, tax, business planning and payroll solutions.

CIS Contractors

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) sets out specific tax rules for contractors working in construction and how they handle payments.

CIS is directly overseen my HMRC to facilitate tax collection from workers in the construction industry. And, as a contractor, you need to meet certain obligations under the CIS scheme, which includes HMRC registration, paying subcontractors, submitting timely statements each month and deducting tax.

We can help manage and organise all your business records and get you verified with HMRC in a seamless and transparent manner.

GP, Dentist and Pharmacist

Whether you work as a specialist consultant, pharmacist, dentist or general practitioner, you need to continue providing the best healthcare service possible, and that entails having a team of knowledgeable accountants to help keep your business on the path to sustained profitability.

Our accounting services for healthcare cater particularly well to pharmacists, dentists and GPs. We provide a highly specialized healthcare accountancy service to help you incorporate your business, built tax efficient strategies, comply with VAT rules, prepare accounts and tax returns, and much more.


You may be obliged to provide payroll services to your client, but there are instances where you either don’t want to or simply can’t.

In fact, many accountants feel that providing payroll services all throughout the year, while coming to terms with new requirements like pension auto enrolment can cause unnecessary risks and problems.

Our payroll accountants have worked with hundreds of nationwide clients – we have extensive experience in providing payroll services on behalf of accountants. We also offer a more direct relationship with your clients, taking all payroll related issues off your hands entirely.