Payroll and Pension

Running a payroll efficiently can be an extremely complicated and time-consuming process. Furthermore, it requires diverting resources from your everyday, core business activities.

Your payroll may be tying you in knots even if you don’t have too many employees to begin with. Staying up to speed on the latest payroll legislation is critical and by choosing our payroll and pension auto enrolment services, you are in safe hands.

Why operate an in-house payroll team as you struggle to stay up to date with ever-changing regulations when you hire accounting professionals to take the costly burden off your hands?

Effectively managing your payroll requires sound technical knowledge, exceptional administration and good software. Doing this all in-house along with your day to day business operations can be a costly affair.

Our specialist payroll accountants have extensive knowledge of payroll legislation and will fine-tune their service according to your business needs. The new auto enrolment legislation in particular will likely place a heavy legislative and administrative burden, especially on smaller companies, but you can save yourself a world of trouble and inconvenience by hiring a professional payroll service.

We will work out all your necessary calculations including statutory sick pay, PAYE, national insurance, automatic enrolment, working families’ tax credit, and prepare payslips. We’ll also submit your year-end returns to HRMC to make sure that you are compliant.

Our payroll and pension experts will sit down with you to explain key facts about how to set up workplace pensions and better manage your auto enrolment in future. Allow our financial advisers and accountants to work out your workplace pension so that you can meet your staging date.

All our processing is 100% tailored to your unique business needs.